Customizable Tours

6 Hours

You can create your own unique experience in the southern Kyoto/Nara region based on your group’s preferences. To design your own tour, connect with us personally.


Full Matcha Tourism

Take part in 800-year-old traditions such as tea picking, processing, and the tea ceremony experience in traditional Kimono and an authentic Japanese setting. You can also sample from 47 different locally grown premium Matcha.

Nature Retreats

Enjoy guided outdoor excursions through Wazuka’s rolling hills. Hike, bike, stargaze, have a picnic, camp, and snap photos of the incredible scenery and natural ecosystems.

Pottery Workshops

Get a hands-on experience with our ceremonious pottery-making workshops, where you can learn traditional Japanese techniques and return home with your own unique souvenirs.

The Samurai Experience

Gain insights into the lives and culture of the noble Samurai warriors of premodern Japan with this interactive tour. Witness captivating martial arts demonstrations, historical reenactments, and much more.

The Ninja Experience

Learn about Japan’s ninjas through engaging activities designed to explore the skills and traditions of these ancient covert mercenaries. The Ninja Experience tour features stealth training, obstacle courses, weapon demonstrations, and cultural lessons.

Cultural Workshops

Enjoy education workshops and demonstrations on various aspects of Japanese culture. We offer cultural workshops in Ikebana (floral arrangements), shodo (calligraphy), Jiuta Mai (the traditional Japanese dance), and tea ceremony etiquette.

Zen Mindfulness Programs

Learn and put into practice the Buddhist Zen philosophy. During these programs, you will learn mindfulness techniques to promote mental clarity, relaxation, and personal well-being. The Zen Mindfulness Program can be arranged for one day or several days, depending on your preference.

Wellness Retreats

Turn your visit into a mindful retreat! Our Wellness retreats focus on holistic wellness practices and personal growth. We incorporate essential elements of mindfulness into each retreat in addition to meditation practices, yoga, and other natural therapies designed to promote your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.


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Customizable Tours