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Visitors from all over the world are attracted to Kyoto’s beautiful landscape, as it’s full of traditional Japanese architecture and spiritual sites. However, most people are unfamiliar with Wazuka, a small town in southern Kyoto known as the green tea region.


Wazuka is one of Japan’s hidden gems. It’s a picturesque place with bright green rolling hills and, as you’ve probably guessed, lots and lots of green tea fields. It’s also home to its fair share of Buddhist temples.

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All of our touring options are carefully thought out to provide a unique and zen-like experience. Each experience we offer is centered around mindfulness to allow travel enthusiasts, adventurists, and wellness seekers alike to dive into our spiritual heritage and come out feeling enriched, restored, and balanced. Our Japanese heritage tours are also customizable. You can choose to take part in our traditional tea and craft ceremonies or ancient interactive rituals that date back over 800 years, depending on your individual or group preferences.