Private Matcha Experience (Basic Package)

6 Hours

The basic package allows you to experience and be a part of matcha tea culture. This tour includes a tea farm walk with the local farmers for in depth matcha learning in addition to matcha tea tastings and special Matcha lunch.

Basic Plan Includes:

[THE ITINERARY] Please allow up to 9 hours from Kyoto and 7.5 hours starting from Nara

*Free Transportation to JR Kizu station (40min from Kyoto) upon reservation

Tea Farm View Point Visit – Private Tour
Visit iconic view point while learning about 800-year-old history of tea making in Japan

The First Tea Farm – Private Tour
Discover a luxurious Matcha Valley experience through a private Matcha tea farm tour and tasting. You will experience the unparalleled scenery and savor the highest premium Matcha crafted by a local farmer.

Matcha Lunch
Enjoy amazingly prepared Matcha Lunch carefully crafted by a local chef. This special cuisine is prepared using locally crafted Matcha and locally grown vegetables.

Private Matcha & Tea tasting
We will arrange a private tasting at a Japanese style house, offering an amazing experience with premium Matcha and Tea with world class hospitality.

The Second Tea Farm – Private Tour
Enjoy the magnificent view of organic tea farm of Matcha Valley or our guest are allowed to picnic under fully grown 3 meter Matcha trees.

*the picnic farm can be accessed by 5-10 minutes trekking only. It does not have wheel chair access.

Day 1 :


  • Free transportation services from JR Kizu Station when requested
  • Matcha Lunch
  • 2 visitations to Local Matcha Farms
  • Magnificent View Point visit
  • Authentic Matcha tasting / Japanese tea tasting Experience

Excludes / Additional:

  • Private Transportation from Kyoto / Nara / Osaka
  • Matcha Factory Visit
  • Original Tea Making Experience
  • Tea Picking / Processing Experience
  • Original Matcha Bowl Crafting Workshop
  • Matcha Whisk Factory Visitation
  • Hotel / Ryokan Booking


2024-06-18 Guaranteed $300
6 Available
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6 Available
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6 Available
2024-06-30 Guaranteed $300
6 Available

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Private Matcha Experience (Basic Package)
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