Premium Matcha Experience (Premium Package)

7 Hours

Take part in 800-year-old legacies such as tea picking and processing and the tea ceremony experience in traditional Kimono and an authentic Japanese setting. With the premium package, our guests can be a part of tea making legacy with the local farmers no one has experienced before.


[THE ITINERARY] Please allow up to 10 hours from Kyoto and 8.5 hours starting from Nara

*Free Transportation from Kyoto / Nara upon reservation

The First Tea Farm – Private Tour
Discover a luxurious Matcha Valley experience through a private Matcha tea farm tour and tasting. You will experience the unparalleled scenery and savor the highest premium Matcha crafted by a local farmer.

Tea Farm View Point Visit – Private Tour
Visit iconic view point while learning about 800-year-old history of tea making in Japan

Matcha Kaiseki Course
Enjoy amazingly prepared Matcha Kaiseki Course carefully prepared by a local chef. This special cuisine is prepared using locally crafted Matcha and locally grown vegetables. “Gibier” cuisine featuring locally hunted venison or wild boar is also served with the course.

Private Matcha & Tea tasting
We will arrange a private tasting at a Japanese style house, offering an amazing experience with premium Matcha and Tea with world class hospitality.

The Tea Factory Visit – Private Tour
Step a foot inside the tea factory / Matcha factory to be in a moment of legacy. When in season, the factory will be full of freshly processed green tea that will take you immediately to soothing meditational state.

The Second Tea Farm – Private Tour
Enjoy the magnificent view of organic tea farm of Matcha Valley or our guest are allowed to picnic under fully grown 3 meter Matcha trees.

*the picnic farm can be accessed by 5-10 minutes trekking only. It does not have wheel chair access.

The Third Tea Farm / Matcha Beer / Tea Ceremony Experience – Private Tour
Our guests can either visit the third tea firm, learn how to make Matcha Beer or cocktails, or experience traditional Tea Ceremony in traditional Japanese attire called Kimono.

Gift Package: Traditional tea ceremony kit, Premium Matcha, Kimono are included

Day 1 :


  • Free transportation services from Kyoto city / Nara city when requested
  • Matcha Kaiseki Course
  • 2 visitations to Local Matcha Farms
  • Magnificent View Point visit
  • Authentic Matcha tasting / Japanese tea tasting Experience
  • Traditional Tea Ceremony Experience / Matcha Beer or Cocktail workshop / additional visitation to Local Matcha Farms
  • Traditional Kimono Experience
  • Tea Picking Experience
  • Matcha Factory Visit

Excludes / Additional:

  • Private Transportation from Osaka
  • Original Tea Making Experience
  • Original Matcha Bowl Crafting Workshop
  • Matcha Whisk Factory Visitation
  • Hotel / Ryokan Booking


2024-06-18 Guaranteed $550
4 Available
2024-06-19 Guaranteed $550
4 Available
2024-06-20 Guaranteed $550
4 Available
2024-06-21 Guaranteed $550
4 Available
2024-06-22 Guaranteed $550
4 Available
2024-06-23 Guaranteed $550
4 Available
2024-06-24 Guaranteed $550
4 Available
2024-06-25 Guaranteed $550
4 Available
2024-06-26 Guaranteed $550
4 Available
2024-06-27 Guaranteed $550
4 Available
2024-06-28 Guaranteed $550
4 Available
2024-06-29 Guaranteed $550
4 Available
2024-06-30 Guaranteed $550
4 Available

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Premium Matcha Experience (Premium Package)
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